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Welcome to the forum WORLD CUP OF DIPLOMACY

Welcome to the forum WORLD CUP OF DIPLOMACY

The World Cup of Diplomacy is a team tournament for the game of Diplomacy. Find out more on the Forum.

What is the WCoD?

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What is the WCoD? Empty What is the WCoD?

Post  Mal Arky Fri 2 Feb 2024 - 10:11

The WORLD CUP of DIPLOMACY is a team event based on nations of the world. Players will be representing a county; this may be any country they have citizenship in, the country they were born in, a country their birth parents were born in, or the country they live in. So, quite a choice there for any player. There are some restrictions to this, based on habitation rules mainly, and what may happen if the country you choose to represent is under-represented in the tournament, but that's the main idea. You should go to the REGISTRATION forum for details.

The exact format for the WCoD is yet to be confirmed as it will be based on the number of teams entered. However, the basic format will be a league, with people playing each other in games in each round. When all games have been completed, the final points totals will decide the placement of teams, with the top team being the winner of the Doug Kent Trophy.

Additionally, at the end of the tournament I will also run two post-season games. One will be called the AMBASSADORS' GAME, which will be a play-off between the players who produced the best results for a power throughout the tournament. The other will be the SUMMIT GAME, which will feature the top seven individual scorers throughout the tournament. So there are individual titles up for grabs, too!

The tournament will run throughout 2025, which is plenty of time for you to pull in players from your part of the world. Let's see which nation is the top Diplomacy playing nation in the world!
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